Website Maintenance and Support

Once applications are executed and delivered, we don't just walk away but instead remains there to give the support, after all support is most crucial part of the web applications. When SATMad designs a web application solution we endeavour to support it throughout its lifecycle. A simple application is easy to handle and might not need any support, but a large-scale enterprise application can demand constant attention, maintenance and support. For example, an application processing millions of transactions with hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users will require continuous technical support and care, a situation we are well prepared to undertake.

We undertake the overwhelming task of website design, maintenance and support for our clients. Our services are not just limited to updating website content but also expand towards analysis of website performance and administration of counteractive actions.

Our website design, maintenance and support services include the following tasks:

  • Update website content
  • Securing and protecting site. This includes revisiting website regularly to implement fixes for security holes surfacing from time to time.
  • Maintenance and management of website by suggesting and implementing new features considering latest technologies, thereby perking up the performance of the website.

Few factors that make our website maintenance and support services outshine others, comprises:

  • Attention to accuracy of the updates being made.
  • Augment your website performance
  • Suggestions on attracting more visitors
  • Prompt response to clients' queries and requests
  • Website maintenance services at the most competitive rates in the industry
  • One-stop solution for taking take care of all website maintenance issues

Website maintenance services are billed on hourly rates and start as low as 15 USD per hour.

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