Partner Program

At SATMAD Partnership is the back bone to our success. That's why we've created SATMAD Partner Program

Partnership Program brings prospects that enables you to grow your existing business by partnering with US, a leading offshore IT services provider. One of the key benefits that you receive by partnering with SATMAD is augmented project completion certainty, project transparency, renewed customer confidence and credibility from our unparalleled track record, mature processes, quality recognition and customer endorsement. Partnership with SATMAD improves your overall business values, which in return gives you profit, it opens various ways to your business, providing complete project management experience along with productive ways to develop increased revenue opportunities, amounting to greater business value to your organization.

If you're interested in selling SATMAD's offshore/onshore services, you can do that with out consent and mutual understanding. You can add offshore development services on your service portfolio or exploring Information Technology, SATMAD's Partner Program gives you the self-assurance to manage, execute, integrate, plan, implement and maintain software solutions for your customers offshore.

SATMAD's partnership programs are specially made to the organization who believes in mutual beneficial and rewarding relationships. We look forward to a long-term successful partnership program with entities with whom we share a common vision. We believe that synergies can be reaped and business value maximized by working in tandem with each other towards the common goal of profitability.

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