CMS Development

A user friendly website content management system is very important for any business which can allow you to completely control your business website. You can cut down on the website maintaining cost by a large margin if you have full control of your website. You can update your website anytime whether it's an addition of new products or a promotional activity. You can generate or increase traffic for your website with a good CMS.  However, to avail all these benefits, you should have the right service provider who can provide you the good CMS.

SATMAD Solutions specializes in undertaking CMS development which can help the users to manage the content worldwide. Our endeavor is to empower our clients to communicate effectively and provide the necessary information across its employees, partners and customers with ease. Therefore, we at SATMad have developed a system which gives an in-house control of their crucial business information and documents.

One of the important points of our web CMS is that it does not require any technical knowledge; it allows our clients to create and edit the content of their website without having any knowing of HTML and other technologies.  Gone are the days when users have to edit their website content in Frontpage or Dreamweavers, now they can simple log into the Content Management System through online login and can edit the Webpages using WYSIWYG interfaces.

We undertake cms development to help our clients to store the legitimate data into a structure and organized form. Therefore, our CMS is built on an architecture which is scalable and allows our clients to expand their website functionality as per their business requirement in near future. Our modular architecture of CMS helps us in integrating any new modules like E-Commerce systems, third party integrations etc. with ease and within the limited budget which makes the end solution as cost effective.

Some of the salient features of our web content management system are:

  •     User Friendly
  •     An extensive search option on website
  •     Menu/ Navigation of the website
  •     A separate, superior and user friendly administration system
  •     WYSIWYG editor which makes content writing and publishing very simple
  •     Ability to manage complete stylesheet (CSS) of the website
  •     Page caching mechanism for improving websites performance
  •     Ability to be in working condition even in offline mode
  •     Extensive usage of global variables which helps in maintaining the website content with minimum effort
  •     Prioritizing the page orders
  •     SEO (Search Engine) Friendly URL's
  •     Easy to create, edit and publish content
  •     Exporting facility of reports in excel and PDF
  •     Traffic analyze reports
  •     News management system
  •     FAQ management system
  •     Banner Advertising management
  •     Newsletter management
  •     Management of different types of users
  •     Uploading and management of images and documents
  •     Scheduling of content display

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